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Scope logistic Services offers the safe and professional handling including return transportation

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Reverse Logistic

SCOPE logistic Services offers the safe and professional handling including return transportation of production residues for reuse, which is no longer considered to be waste but a valuable commodities.

  • Given the limited availability of raw materials and growing green concerns and advancement of green supply chain management concepts some production residues are no longer considered to be waste, but a valuable commodity.
  • These residue have much hidden potential and its worth reselling or reprocessing the same.
  • According to Indian waste handling rules party has to ensure safe handling, storage, transportation, reprocessing, collection, conversion and offering for sale, destruction and disposal of industrial waste and this needs to be handled professionally and company must hold special licence and its regulated by CPCB. Which means that reverse logistics is a job of professionals.
  • Here’s a typical example : various acids are used in the chemical finishing and coating of metals and recycling enables us to recover the metal residues dissolved in these acids. Likewise, flammable liquids originally used in the manufacturing process can serve as a source of energy in other sectors.
  • SCOPE Logistic can be a perfect partner to correctly handle and transport your production residues and facilitate further supply chain.

Spare Parts

SCOPE logistic Services offers, service part management as part of complete strategic service management process that companies can use to ensure that right spare part and resource are at the right place.

  • Service parts is one of important component in customer service but also one of the big cost towards maintaining the same.
  • SCOPE Logistic can work closely with you team and help reduce this inventory carrying cost and optimise delivery.


SCOPE Logistics offers full service offering in effective handling of plastics, our highly experienced team can set up logistic operation and also helps plan and design the efficient product movement.

  • Plastic business is very competitive and pressure are constantly on the rise to ensure and this requires highly effective and efficient handling of product and managing supply chain.
  • This request highly professional handling and team who has professional experience.
  • SCOPE with its experience, expertise and knowledge can assures you of quality service, reliability and efficient handling of product.


With SCOPE, the key features of chemical logistics – safety, reliability and integrated service from experienced professional is given and is complemented by extensive service network in key strategic location.

  • SCOPE has key professionals who has decades of experience in handling sensitive materials.
  • We specialise in handling liquid chemicals and hazardous goods, all our sites are approved for handling hazardous goods and personals are trained, for chemicals industry SCOPE will be at their sides as a trusted logistic partner.
  • We are open to developing new regions and sites together with our customers.
  • We offer the full service spectrum like customised transport, warehousing and value-added services and our team is committed to the professional handling of hazardous goods product all across the whole supply chain.
  • We can offer our services both at our client’s premises and our off site facility.