We provide complete stock holding and professional sample distribution services.

Scope key to your sales process

Being able to provide your clients quickly with representative commercial samples is key to your sales process. We provide complete stock holding and professional sample distribution services, ensuring that your samples are appropriately packed, sealed, labelled and shipped.

Our Service Includes

Handling And Warehousing

SCOPE Sample Management operates strategically located Sample Service Centre in different cities in India Our sample distribution centres are licensed for the storage of both dangerous and non-dangerous products.

Sampling And Reconditioning

In our warehouses, sampling and reconditioning activities take place using advanced methods and equipment under optimal conditions. We offer the following sampling and reconditioning services:

  • Sampling and Decanting
  • Splitting of liquids or powders into smaller receptacles
  • Heating for viscous products
  • Refrigerated sample storage
  • Tailor-made batch blending
  • Homogenising
  • Nitrogen blanketing
  • Disposal of expired stocks
  • Laboratory testing services

Packing And Labelling

We provide professional packing and customised labelling of all product types and sample sizes in accordance with applicable. Our staff has been trained to consider each sample as an ambassador for the client”. For this reason we give special attention to the visual presentation of each package.


We take full responsibility as shipper, declaring that the goods are properly classified, packed, marked and labelled as per all dangerous goods regulations. Sample dispatch orders are handled via our fully-automated order administration system. We also ensure that client- provided documentation such as the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the Certificates of Analysis (COA) match each consignment.

Collection And Forwarding

We use our own sample collection service whenever possible, or cooperate with a trusted courier express service entity. For each delivery, we consider the degree of urgency and select the optimal speed and price combination without making compromises regarding the safe shipment of your samples.