We can provide customised service to meet your specific requirement.

The Scope Group

SCOPE offer full range of specialised logistic services to the chemical industries which goes beyond just transportation and warehousing. We operate and manages own logistic services centres in domestic tariff area as well as in free trade zone offering numerous value added services like drumming, bagging, bottling, mixing, blending. We can provide customised service to meet your specific requirement.

SCOPE was founded in 2010 and since then it’s focusing of servicing chemical industry with various innovative and customised approach. Our readiness to explore new things and actively working with our customer’s success is typical of SCOPE today.

What We Do

  • We identify customers need and the gap in service offering and work together to bridge this gap.
  • We spend resources and time to develop our team, educate and train them, we constantly invest and develop new sites with state of the art equipment in order to offer you the best possible range of services.
  • Today, we offer our standardised solution from Free Trade Zone and domestic area, as well as customised solutions to meet specific individual requirement whenever you need. With your support, we can develop new requirement and segments, and expand our service offering to new territory.
  • We continuously strive to enhance our service offering to meet current needs and future requirements.
  • As a young company of professionals, we place great importance on highest possible standards of occupational and product safety, quality and environment management and this is reflected by commitment of each individual towards ensuring the same.