SCOPE can handle all warehousing processes for companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries – both on site and off site.

wide range of storage options

With its comprehensive warehousing services, the SCOPE can support its customers with wide range of storage options suited to diversity of materials, including racked warehouses, hazardous goods storage facilities, Free Zone warehouses and facilities for chemical waste storage.

Advantage with Scope

  • We can store all the materials and products in the chemical logistics supply chain.
  • All our storage facilities are designed to facilitate the most efficient flow of materials and are equipped with appropriate safety systems.
  • All our facilities are approved by Maharashtra State pollution control board for storage of Hazardous goods and chemical waste.
  • Whether commodities or fine chemicals, SCOPE’s can provide efficient logistic solutions customized to product requirement.
  • SCOPE takes responsibility to provide comprehensive storage solutions – both on and off site for range of products manufactured by our customers.
  • These includes Hazardous or non-hazardous chemicals. We can offer storage in all usual packaging types from small packs to drums, pallets, and big bags and if by customer can also offer temperature controlled warehouse.

Our Solutions for Warehousing

General Goods

We offer storage in all usual packaging types from small packs, cartons to drums, pallets and big bags in our racked and un-racked warehouse.

Hazardous Goods

All our warehouse is approved by pollution control board for storage of hazardous goods.

Temperature Control / Cold Storage

We can facilitate our customer processing of imported and exported goods from Free Trade Zone and custom bonded warehouse.